We’re extremely excited to announce that Look Studios is joining Stellar Base.

The idea behind Look Studios started as a discussion between Daniel Thomas, Bobby Giangeruso and Joseph Smith in Amsterdam. It was to create a studio that gives us the financial stability to focus on our own ventures.

After focusing our time on software and working at large tech companies like Microsoft, we wanted to solve problems that weren't primarily though an interface. We were inspired by companies like Casper, Hem, Lapka, Outdoor Voices and others similar. We wanted to help early staged retail startups bring a new approach to shopping.

A few projects later, we ended up working with the talented folks at Stellar Base. It was obvious our perspectives on what products we build were very similar. We decided to partner up and start building new ventures as one.

We worked on rebranding Stellar Base to better explain where we're headed as a venture studio. We also recently launched Artform and will next be focusing on building products in the health and education space.

👉 We're hiring! Join the team.

See you around,

Bobby Giangeruso
Founder of Look Studios

Let's build something amazing